The name Passidore is the contraction of “pass-erillé” meaning grapes dried by over-maturation and “Isi-dore” which was the name of Damien’s great grandfather, former owner of the plot where the variety Petit Manseng was planted, giving the cuvee Isidore in 1994. This liquorous wine is mainly obtained by raisining on vine stocks. The natural evaporation gives the berries concentration and high sugar rate.

The plots are situated on stony limestone clay hillsides with south-west exposure. It is characterized by a specific microclimate: cool humid nights and sunny afternoons favouring the development of noble rot.

The cuvee Passidore Exception is exclusively made with Petit and Gros Manseng, picked during the very last harvest which occurs in December. Passidore Exception 1998 was picked on 6 December of that year. The grapes look roasted or even crystallized, the vine stock no longer bear leaves, grapes are delicately collected by hand while the pickers try not to be stung by the numerous bees busy with their sugar crop for winter.

After pressing the must sugar contents reach an exceptional rate of 350 g. It is put into old barrels for 36 months. There it will follow the rythme of seasons, fermentation will alternate with stuck fermentation until the wine reaches its balance and natural stability through a slow natural process.


  • Cépages: Petit et Gros Manseng 60% Grenache (30%) Viognier (10%)
  • Récolte: The grapes are hand picked then sorted successively
  • Vinification: The grapes are harvested then destemmed. The must obtained in this way is cold settled for 24 hours, then put into barrels where it will ferment naturally. Then the barrels will be stored and the wine will age on lees for 36 months.
  • Analyse: Average degree 14% Acidity 4.5 g/l Residual sugar 140 g
  • Dégustation: The wine has a beautiful golden colour, old gilded nuances. The nose is intense, reminiscent of bees wax, grilled hazelnut, honey and lavender. The mouth is well balanced with good acidity and flavours of burnt sugar cane followed by a verbena finish. This wine can be kept for 20 years or more.
  • Conditionnement: 12 bottle boxes
  • Production: 450 bottles of 50 cl.

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