• The Belles Pierres at the Wine LR summer's editions

    Wine LR magazine paid a visit to our vineyards after hearing about our selection in the wine cellars of the Palais d'Elysée in Paris. This was a perfect occasion for us to show off the history of the terroirs of Saint-Georges-d'Orques, the character of its wines and notably of our own rosé Clauzes de Jo.  Read More
  • Ours whites of the season

    Join us at our vineyard to taste our white wines from this year's vintage. Aftera month of absence and 18 months aging in the barrel, the Chant des Ames white of 2013 is finally ready. Hurry to discover its complex nose and enjoy its lasting flavour on the palette. One can also allow oneself to be seduced by the elegant bouquet of exotic fruits provided in plenty by the Mosaïque Doux 2015. This Muscat is ideal for your summer aperitif. Read More
  • Five wines of the Domaine Belles Pierres chosen for the house presidentiel of Élysée

    The wines of Domain Belles Pierres have been favoured by the French Presidential Palace for the third time in 8 years. The palace sommelier has chosen three of our wines for their 2017 collection. Read More
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    Damien Coste, a young representative of generations of wine makers, passionately exploits the 15 hectares of the Domain Belles Pierres in Murviel les Montpellier, on the terroir St. Georges, in the heart of the region of the Appellation Côteaux du Languedoc. 


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    In Murviel, vineyards spread over approximately 250 hectares, nestled between the beautiful southern French garrigues, in the narrow valleys and on the softly leaning rock-strewn slopes. It's there, at the heart of the St. Georges terroir, that the domain plunges its roots.


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    Revue de Presses

    People are talking about the Domaine Belles Pierres, our Ineptie wines, our Clauze de Jo range, as well as our range of Chant des Ames, and finally the Mosaïque white in various forms of press, including Itinéraire Gourmand, La Séléction de l'Elysée, Midi Libre, and Revue de France.


Welcome to the Domain The Belles Pierres

Welcome to the Domaine Belles Pierres, the vineyard how to Clauzes de Jo, specially selected by the presidential palace in Paris.